About Us

About Us

Our concept of care is to provide an environment & lifestyle that is as close to our clients’ own home as possible.

Set in its own grounds in the lovely Devon town of Ashburton, in the shadow of St Andrews Church, our residential care home is near (80 metres) the busy town centre. This promotes an active lifestyle for residents seeking extra services from the now thriving hub that Ashburton has recently become. This ancient Devon Stannary Town lies on the southern slopes of Dartmoor in the heart of the South Devon countryside. Easily accessible via the M5 and A38, it is situated roughly half way between Plymouth and Exeter.

We try to be as ‘un-institutionalised’ as we can, our staff do not wear ‘traditional’ uniforms and the tempo and fabric of life at St. Andrews is as relaxed and informal as possible.

Residents may live the lives they wish to, in freedom and on their own terms. We are actively encouraged to pursue independence and autonomy. We see ourselves as a support to a challenging period in clients’ lives and we help them to strive to achieve as much as they possibly can in the years spent with us. We promote and encourage meaningful activities on a daily basis so that our clients can truly say their lives with us are as fulfilled as they possibly can be.


Our fees are based on a scale charge depending on the room occupied and the client’s needs. These fees cover living requirements at St. Andrews such as food, drink, heating and lighting, any laundry done on the premises as well as all the care services staff provide.

Service users are expected to pay for personal items such as newspapers, tapes, books and magazines.  The only additional items which we require clients to pay for are services such as: hairdressing, chiropody, dentistry and for the services of the optician.  All of these services are provided at the Home by visiting qualified practitioners.


Admissions Policy

St. Andrews House will accept both private clients and those who may be referred by Social Services.  However, in order to remain competitive and offer the very high standards that we do, we have a minimum fee structure that will require clients who come to us via Social Services, to top up their fee.
We provide residential care and are not a nursing home.  However, we do endeavour and indeed nearly always succeed, in helping clients to remain with us through to the end of their lives – if they so wish – rather than moving them along into nursing care should it become necessary.

St. Andrews House is focused on helping to enable clients who have EMI issues to live fulfilled and meaningful lives.   We have many year’s experience in dealing with clients who present with problems across the whole spectrum of dementia care.

Our ethos is to give our residents’ lives structure and purpose through engagement with meaningful activities and occupations.

We work very hard at keeping the balance and dynamics of the home even by ensuring that this is the right home for a new client before they are admitted.  For this reason, at the present time, we are unable to accommodate clients who are at the extreme end of the dementia spectrum or who present with behavioural problems, as we do not operate as a secure unit or have a locked door policy.

We are therefore, able to offer a safe home for clients with dementia problems without  restricting their  personal freedom and without impinging on the life style of our clients overall.

Our Core Values


With decades of dedicated service under our belt, we have developed a set of real values to drive the experience of residents and day guests. Please click our video to learn more about them.


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